Solutions & Concepts that work. Keeping it simple and seeing the big picture. Protecting your interests through alternative options with your best interests being our priority.


Innovative and Practical thinking. Common sense thinking and concepts are what we are about. The world is complicated enough and traditional concepts and designs are not always practical or cost effective on both the short and long term. 

Practical thinking looks beyond the initial installation. Practical thinking, our thinking, looks at the longevity and maintenance aspects that affect costs and efficiencies down the road. This thinking will save you problems and ongoing costs that are not always in the best interest of the suppliers, but in the best interest of you, the client.

Our Website is simple, our clients already know who we are and what we do so no need for bells and whistles. 

If your looking for an honest and hardworking team to look out for your best interests and provide alternative solutions for your upcoming needs, contact us.


Our vision is simple. Provide innovative and practical solutions that work for you. Protecting you from over engineered and costly projects while obtaining the best results possible. Your support also helps us to support our vision of helping others in various ways through our community involvement programs.


Innovative Technologies

  • Concept / Design / Project Management

  • Lighting / Controls / Electrical / Special Fx

  • Energy Audits / Reports

  • Energy Reduction Concepts / Programs

  • Tech Product Design & Development

  • Tech Product Packaging Design / Tech Marketing

  • Innovative Community Housing Concepts / Design

  • Consulting & Sales Services / Agent

Media Services

  • Film / Television / Commercials 

  • Support Services 

  • Locations / Locations Infrastructure

  • Locations - Electrical / Access / Lighting / Hot Water

  • Media Production / Scripting / Management

  • Turn Key Video Production / Docs / Promotional

Business Services

  • Business Concepts / Start-Up Support

  • Pre-Packaged Unique Businesses Concepts

Innovative Community Housing

  • New Concept Community Housing 

  • Innovative Community Designs

  • High Quality / Low Cost Building Concepts

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